Taylor's Chip Dry & Tonic

Taylor’s Chip Dry white Port mixed with dry tonic water, ready to drink in a 250ml can. Perfect for picnics in the park, barbecues, parties and at home. A light easy-to-enjoy drink.
Taylor’s Port was the first to produce a dry white aperitif port. Chip Dry White Port was first blended in 1934, since when it has acquired a devoted following throughout the world.
Recognised as the perfect Port to make a refreshing and elegant Port and Tonic cocktail, the moment has come to make it available in a stylish and convenient pre-mixed can. It’s easy to carry, versatile and ready to be enjoyed anywhere allowing new moments of consumption and reaching new consumers.

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João Cruz

João Cruz is a photographer & videographer based in Porto, Portugal. He has shot for Port wine companies, restaurants and organizations, among others. His personal work is based on the connection between people and nature, identity and sense of place.

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