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The end of summer marks the beginning of one of the most important seasons in the Douro – the harvests. During the day, men and women work from sunrise to sunset in the grape harvest, a manual and labor intensive process, but fundamental for the quality of the wine. At night, the voices rise up humming to the sound of the accordion while holding each other, tread the grapes until all the berries are crushed. Although the atmosphere is festive, the work is hard at this time that is the culmination of a year’s work for grape growers.
Quinta de Vargellas is pre-eminent among the wine estates of the Douro. Located in the wild and hilly eastern reaches of the valley.

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João Cruz

João Cruz is a photographer & videographer based in Porto, Portugal. He has shot for Port wine companies, restaurants and organizations, among others. His personal work is based on the connection between people and nature, identity and sense of place.

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